AI and UX working together

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning can be compared to raising a child. A computer, like a child, knows very little at first. By giving the computer different types and large amounts of information about a particular subject, it can learn to recognize a pattern in different ways. Just like a child who learns to walk by trial and error, by taking an example from his / her environment, a computer can also learn from a data set in order to eventually learn something.

UX designers are problem solvers

The main goals for UX designers are solving problems in a certain product due the help of design. A famous method that is being used is Human Centered Design. A method to build a product around the behaviour and needs of the audience that uses the product.

Common UX tasks are:

  1. Personally Recommended Content.
  2. Recognize exceptions.
  3. Insights into large amounts of data.
  4. Interpret what a user is going to do.
  5. Multivariate testing.
  6. Recognizing the user’s emotions.

ML that is supporting UX designers

Multivariate testing is a way of testing in which multiple possible combinations are tested in order to further develop the combination with the best outcome.

Will ML replace UX designers?

This article is too short to explore the full spectrum of the possibilities and risks of ML for the UX designers field. But if we look at the example above, we can say that ML can indeed contribute to solving UX problems.



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